We’re so glad you found us! We are the Dining Darlings, otherwise known as Shana and Kara. Two friends who’ve decided to share our love of food and adventure with anyone who might care to join us. In this blog we’ll be sharing all sorts of things, like eating out, cooking at home, travel eats, reorganizing your kitchen cupboards, and anything else we come up with along the way. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have. Let us introduce ourselves...

Hmm…Where should I start? I guess my name would be good right?!  Well, my name is Shana and I enjoy traveling, experiencing new things, eating and trying practically anything once. “You can’t say you don’t like something if you have never tried it,” is something I believe to be true in respect of food and life in general. I can’t wait to share my food experiences with you all!

Hi there, I'm Kara. I would consider myself a pretty regular girl. I grew up in a small town in Southern California. I enjoy most typical types of food, and every now and then will get a little more adventurous - though I usually leave that to Shana :). I enjoy eating out as well as making dinner at home. I've really been working on my cooking skills over the last 4 years - slowly but surely getting a little more confident and a little more proficient with each meal. My goal is to become one of those people who can reach into an "empty" cabinet and pull out a delicious meal.

All American Breakfast

Nothing starts a lazy Sunday better than waking up late and not making breakfast ๐Ÿ˜€. Today was one of those great starts. After a nice long sleep (to recover from a late night of pre-halloween spooking), we decided to let someone else do the cooking (and the dishwashing!). Off we went to one of our favorite breakfast spots...The Galloping Hen.

We made it at a good time, and had no wait to get a table. There was a large party in the back, however, so our food took longer than usual to arrive - it was nice and hot though.

Because of all the yummies from the night before, and because Galloping Hen gives a good portion bf and I decided to share a plate. We ordered the All American Breakfast - Two large eggs, hen potatoes (their version of o'briens) or hash browns, choice of bacon, sausage links or patties, and toast. We also ordered a side of biscuit (that's right, just one) and gravy. Oh, and of course we started with coffee.

If you've never been to Galloping Hen, you may have a hard time spotting it. It's in a small strip mall, and shares a parking lot with a Big Lots! The interior is fairly basic, classic auditorium chars set around tables covered with heavy plastic, checker pattern table cloths. The decor is simple, but festive. And yes, it includes lots of hens! It is not a fancy place, but the portions are large, the price is right, the staff is friendly, and the food is GOOD, so I say, "Keep your fanciness - I want the good stuff!"

As I mentioned our order did take longer than usual to arrive, but they were super attentive to keep our coffee filled, and when our food did arrive, it was hot and tasty. If I'm at home, making eggs for myself, I like to have an over medium egg, however when I'm out, I usually order scrambled. I just find it to be easier and less disappointing in cases where your idea of over medium and the chef's idea differ. So, scrambled it was. And tasty they were! We also choose sausage patty, sourdough toast, and hash browns. BF is a hash brown guy, where as I usually order the "house" or o'brien option, but you can't really go wrong with hash browns, so that was that.

The sausage patties were good. Thin and about two inches in diameter, lean but tasty. The toast came unbuttered, and they only offer little pods of Country Crock, which is not my preference - I like real butter! - but sometimes you just have to roll with it. The hash browns were the only issue with this meal. BF likes them extra crispy and asked for such, but they came a little mushy. I think they were trying to be extra generous with portions because of the delay, which was nice, but that caused the serving to be thicker, thus preventing them from getting nice and crispy. I doctored mine with salt, pepper, Tapatio, and ketchup. That did the trick for me, but no so much for bf.

The biscuit and gravy was yuuuumy. The biscuit is nice and soft, and totally covered in yummy, perfectly seasoned, white gravy. Mmmmm Good!

Sharing was the perfect choice. The portion was so large, you would never guess it was meant to be only one when you see them separated. Saves your bank account and your waistline!

If you ever have the chance, I definitely recommend giving the folks and the food at Galloping Hen a shot.

Wishing you lots of Yums!

This could all be yours if you don't care to share
Can you find the biscuit?? 

My Plate - Only HALF!


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