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Hmm…Where should I start? I guess my name would be good right?!  Well, my name is Shana and I enjoy traveling, experiencing new things, eating and trying practically anything once. “You can’t say you don’t like something if you have never tried it,” is something I believe to be true in respect of food and life in general. I can’t wait to share my food experiences with you all!

Hi there, I'm Kara. I would consider myself a pretty regular girl. I grew up in a small town in Southern California. I enjoy most typical types of food, and every now and then will get a little more adventurous - though I usually leave that to Shana :). I enjoy eating out as well as making dinner at home. I've really been working on my cooking skills over the last 4 years - slowly but surely getting a little more confident and a little more proficient with each meal. My goal is to become one of those people who can reach into an "empty" cabinet and pull out a delicious meal.

Eat Snow

So it's been a while since the last time I have blogged.  I hope this sweet treat spot I report to you about will brighten up your day. Snow Monster was recommended to my friends and I by a waitress at the restaurant we were eating lunch at.  We wanted something cold, sweet, and close by to where we were at.  So here we are.

This sweet shop is relatively small in size, but offered quite a few things on their menu.  The shop only had four tables set up inside and three tables outside.  At the counter, you can see a variety of baked goods such as cookies and macarons, but what they are best known for is their ice cream.  Their ice cream can be served virgin with no toppings or with the works.  This style of dessert reminds me of the Philipino dessert halo halo or the Korean dessert patbingsu.  The two desserts mentioned here are similar because they both have shaved ice, fruits, beans, ice cream, and typically condense milk. as toppings.  We ordered two orders of the dessert to share.  Each order has two scoops of ice cream, two toppings, shaved ice, and condense milk drizzled on top.  There were an array of choices for the toppings; from fresh fruits to Captain Crunch cereal!  We ended up ordering cookies and cream and mango ice cream with mochi and fresh cut up strawberries as topping.  The other order had butter toffee and taro ice cream with double mochi topping.  Both orders were delicious!  But I must admit that I enjoyed the butter toffee and taro combination a bit more than the other order.  I was surprised that I liked that combination better since I love mango and mango flavored everything!

The cookies and cream and mango ice cream had a bit of a tangy flavor to it due to the strawberry topping and the mango flavored ice cream.  I would say this flavor combination would be good on a summer day.  It is creamy, but yet refreshing.  The butter toffee and and taro combination was creamy and delightful!  I thought it was going to be heavy with all the creamy flavors, but everything mixed well together.  Some of my friends liked the refreshing combination better than the creamy on creamy combination.

I would suggest you to visit this dessert shop if you are around the area and have never been here before.  You can come and try the different flavors and make the decision for yourself.  You might agree with me or with my friends on what is better.  Go out there!  Taste what Snow Monster has to offer!

Cookies n' Cream & Mango Ice Cream
The two combination side by side
Butter Toffee & Taro Ice Cream

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