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Hmm…Where should I start? I guess my name would be good right?!  Well, my name is Shana and I enjoy traveling, experiencing new things, eating and trying practically anything once. “You can’t say you don’t like something if you have never tried it,” is something I believe to be true in respect of food and life in general. I can’t wait to share my food experiences with you all!

Hi there, I'm Kara. I would consider myself a pretty regular girl. I grew up in a small town in Southern California. I enjoy most typical types of food, and every now and then will get a little more adventurous - though I usually leave that to Shana :). I enjoy eating out as well as making dinner at home. I've really been working on my cooking skills over the last 4 years - slowly but surely getting a little more confident and a little more proficient with each meal. My goal is to become one of those people who can reach into an "empty" cabinet and pull out a delicious meal.

Sushi Time!

Tonight BF and I decided to save our selves some dishwashing and heading to our favorite sushi spot.  We always enjoy good service, and lots of yums at this regular haunt.

We always start with our favorite appetizers; gyoza, and garlic edamame. BF loves the gyoza (as do I, not gonna lie here) and these garlic edamame are the best I've ever had. I can eat the whole bowl by myself. Tonight, BF also had a bowl of miso. I was going to as well, until I realized I couldn't decide between two rolls, so I decided to skip the soup (and forgo my pieces of gyoza - BF was not disappointed 😀).

The rolls I couldn't choose between were the Salmon Lovers Roll, and the Green Dragon Roll. The Salmon Lovers is a California roll, with avocado, topped with salmon. It's served on a citrusy type drizzle, with the usual ginger and wasabi paste garnish. I'm not a big ginger fan, but do enjoy the wasabi. I used to add the wasabi to my soy sauce, but have started moving away from using as much soy sauce, so now I just put the wasabi directly on my sushi. This is a great roll for us salmon lovers; simple, tasty, and scrumptious.

The Green Dragon Roll had krab and shrimp tempura inside, and eel and avocado on top. There was an eel sauce drizzle over the whole roll. This roll was not served with wasabi or ginger, which I found interesting. I decided this meant I wasn't supposed to use wasabi with this roll, so I didn't. Still quite tasty!

BF isn't a huge fan of sushi per se, so his choices tend to be of the tempura sort, if not just chicken teriyaki 😄. His go-to order, which he went with on this trip, is called the Big Daddy. It's hard to describe exactly, but basically it looks like two large eggs of tempura, cut in half. It's filled with krab, and other cooked fish, with some delicious sauces drizzled on top. BF did get adventurous and tried my Green Dragon. It took him a minute to gear up for eating eel, but he did it. He didn't care for the eel (texture and taste), but enjoyed the rest. Haha.

Perhaps next time we'll branch out a bit and have something new to share. Until then, wishing you lots of Yums!


Garlic Edamame
Miso Soup
Salmon Lovers Roll
Green Dragon Roll
Big Daddy

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